There’s an astronaut. An armadillo. The word sexy. And the word SharePoint. If I wasn’t already, I’d want to be friends with this weirdo. 


Thanks for visiting my blog and being interested enough to wander over to the good ole “About Me” section. My name is Ashley I’m 30, have two amazing children, a smoking hot wife (more on this later) and I love armadillos, space and SharePoint.

I was introduced to SharePoint roughly two years ago and after seeing the existing capabilities as well as all of the features Microsoft was working on I was hooked.

I spent an abnormal amount of time reading and watching anything I could get my hands on, I even forced my poor wife to watch the Intranet Makeover Show Microsoft did with Funko. She’ll deny it, but she ate that shit right up!

I’m starting to ramble now and all of the “how to write an about me section” said not to do that, sorry guys! Let me get to the good stuff before I lose you all.

I work for a fantastic company as a Business Analyst for our West Region Markets. Using SharePoint/Office 365 suite I have implemented streamlined processes for our organization. As a company, we’ve only just begun to see how the new changes in the office can benefit our organization. Microsoft has placed a heavy emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and communication in all of the updates they have made. It’s a real game changer from where Office was 5 years ago. This blog will be my place to talk about the new features and how I’ll use them to modernize the workplace for my company. You’ll be on this journey as I do this, so it should be pretty exciting, right? If you’re reading this right now, you’re a nerd just like me, or my friend that will probably only visit this blog a few times because you love me. Either way, I appreciate you.

There are only three things I love more than SharePoint and armadillos, and that’s my wife, and our twins Elliott and Harper. If you’re interested in checking out how two chicks managed to have kids, you can check out our blog following that journey*.

My kids are my motivation to do better in life, and I’m not gonna lie, they’re pretty much the coolest kids I’ve ever met. My wife works as an RN, we’ve been together for 13 years, and I love her more every day!

Aren’t they precious?
Told you, smoking hot
On graduation day, smoking hot
And unfortunately, I wasn’t lying about my obsession
Some of my co-workers, they’re honestly the best! The sexy beast in blue is the one and only Kyle Willis, quoted above
Two of my favorite people, my cousin Tiffany & best friend Lisa

Thanks again for visiting my blog! If you’re interested in joining me for this fun-filled journey, please subscribe below! I’ll be sure to spam the living shit out of you promptly (just kidding, Unroll me is a real life saver).

*My wife and I struggled when trying to conceive our twins, please know our blog discusses infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

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